Fashion & Fine Art Photographer

The term ‘Photographer’ is thrown around so much these days that anyone who buys themselves a digital camera believes that they are a photographer. But it is those few, those very few, who have a creative vision, that stand apart and shine out amongst the clouds of wannabe’s. Scott James Prebble is one such visionary.

His work has been compared to the masters like Helmut Newton and David LaChapelle, yet it is so much more, it’s a blend of ideas, conceptual at the best of times, sometimes abstract sometimes funny but always with his dry wit and attitude shinning through. Some have described it as commercial photography gone wrong, polished enough to be gracing the pages of Vogue and Vanity Fair yet edgy enough to be in Rolling Stone.

Above all else Scott is on a journey to master the extremely difficult art of ‘Photography’, always improving on his technical skills he is a true perfectionist but isn’t afraid of reinventing the wheel with when using tools that were never made to be what he uses them for.

Scott has a keen knowledge of old school photography, specializing in film and Polaroid to give his work that authentic look, he is also not afraid of the future working with the most modern digital camera and lighting techniques, to him the technology is just a tool to create his ultimate vision, and isn’t that the way it should really be?

He is often much harder on himself than others are on him, as most perfectionists are, this has lead to his rise in his popularity in pop culture, yet the shy boy inside still holds control of the ego that could take hold.

His books have been a raving success and have sold worldwide with his solid base of fans, and there is no slowing down with this enigmatic, charming and creatively driven individual.